The Ultimate Guide to Mass Tort Litigation: Key Cases and Investment Opportunities in 2024

At Blue Sky Legal, our dedicated team of national mass tort attorneys consistently monitors and tracks the latest developments in mass tort MDLs pending in federal courts. Our focus spans new case filings, trends, the status of bellwether trials, discovery, and mass tort settlement amounts. As we navigate through 2024, we’re gaining a clearer picture of the most significant mass tort MDLs that are either growing rapidly or heading toward settlement. This post delves into the most impactful and compelling mass torts of 2024.

A Personal Favorite: Ozempic Gallbladder Lawsuit

Among the myriad of mass tort litigations, the Ozempic Gallbladder lawsuit stands out as a particularly compelling case for Blue Sky Legal. Ozempic, initially a popular diabetes drug, has recently gained traction as a weight loss aid. However, emerging evidence indicates that high doses of Ozempic can cause serious gallbladder issues, including gallstones and gallbladder disease. This has led to a surge of lawsuits from affected individuals.

What makes the Ozempic litigation particularly notable is the drug’s immense profitability, which might prompt swift settlements to avoid prolonged legal battles. The manufacturers are keen to mitigate distractions and continue capitalizing on the drug’s market success. This unique dynamic makes the Ozempic Gallbladder lawsuit a prime focus for our firm.

Now, let’s delve into the broader landscape of mass torts shaping 2024.

Top Mass Torts in 2024

#1 Talcum Powder Lawsuit

The talcum powder mass tort against Johnson & Johnson is the largest MDL, with approximately 50,000 pending cases. These cases allege that exposure to talc in products like baby powder caused cancer. Johnson & Johnson’s proposed $9 billion settlement, announced in May 2024, is under scrutiny as it falls short of what plaintiffs seek. Negotiations continue, with the potential for further settlements amidst ongoing litigation.

#2 C.R. Bard Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

The C.R. Bard Hernia Mesh MDL remains one of the most active, with over 20,000 pending cases as of January 2024. The influx of new lawsuits in the past six months indicates a high level of activity. Settlements are anticipated this year, with an official announcement expected soon.

MDLs to Watch

#1 Paraquat Parkinson’s Lawsuit

The Paraquat MDL, with 5,500 pending cases, will continue to grow in 2024. These cases, alleging that exposure to Paraquat causes Parkinson’s disease, are strong, and a settlement may be on the horizon. The upcoming trial will be pivotal, with high settlement payouts expected due to the severe nature of Parkinson’s disease.

#2 Paragard IUD Lawsuit

As of May 2024, the Paragard MDL had over 2,650 pending cases. The MDL alleges that the IUD device fractures during removal, causing severe complications. While growth continues, settlements are not expected until after the first round of bellwether trials in 2025.

#3 Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

Tepezza lawsuits, consolidated into a new MDL, allege that the thyroid eye disease treatment causes permanent hearing loss. As more cases are filed, this litigation is expected to grow significantly.

#4 Bard PowerPort Lawsuit

The Bard PowerPort MDL, with 187 lawsuits filed as of May 2024, addresses design and manufacturing flaws in medical devices that lead to serious injuries. Given the compelling nature of the cases, this litigation could expand rapidly.

#5 Roundup Cancer Lawsuit

After a series of massive verdicts and settlements, Bayer faces a robust trial schedule for the remaining Roundup cases in 2024. Recent losses have pressured Bayer to consider settlements to avoid further litigation costs.

#6 Social Media Addiction Lawsuit

This MDL, comprising over 450 lawsuits as of May 2024, targets social media companies like Meta and ByteDance for designing addictive algorithms that harm users’ mental health. The litigation is in its pre-trial phase, with potential for significant growth in 2024.

#7 Valsartan Lawsuits

The Valsartan MDL, involving over 1,000 lawsuits, alleges contamination with the carcinogen NDMA. With a trial date likely in 2024, this litigation could gain more attention and lead to settlements.

Mass Torts Most Likely to Settle in 2024

#1 AFFF Firefighting Foam Lawsuit

Over 8,000 AFFF firefighting foam lawsuits allege that exposure to chemicals in the foam causes cancer. Following settlements with municipalities, a global settlement is anticipated in 2024.

Mass Torts Ready to Grow in 2024

#1 Hair Relaxer Lawsuit

Following a 2022 NIH study linking chemical hair relaxers to cancer, this MDL has seen rapid growth, with nearly 8,500 lawsuits filed as of May 2024. The potential plaintiff field is vast, making this a litigation to watch.

#2 Hernia Mesh Lawsuit (non-Bard)

Other hernia mesh MDLs, though smaller than the C.R. Bard MDL, continue to grow and may settle quickly once the Bard cases set a benchmark.

#3 Uber Driver Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Consolidated in an MDL, these lawsuits allege that Uber neglected to screen and monitor drivers, leading to sexual assaults on passengers.

#4 One Wheel Lawsuit

The OneWheel lawsuits, which address design defects in the electric skateboard, have been consolidated into an MDL. Settlement talks are ongoing, and some cases have already been settled.

New Mass Torts

Suboxone Tooth Decay Lawsuit

Thousands of Suboxone users have filed lawsuits alleging severe tooth decay caused by the drug. This litigation is expected to be substantial.

Heavy Metal Baby Food Lawsuit

A new MDL consolidates lawsuits against baby food manufacturers for unsafe levels of heavy metals in their products, posing significant health risks to children. This litigation has strong potential for growth.

Camp Lejeune and CPAP Recall: Winding Down

Camp Lejeune Lawsuit

While not technically an MDL, the Camp Lejeune litigation has been a significant player in the mass tort landscape. With over 220,000 administratively filed cases under the CLJA, it dominated 2023 and early 2024. However, new claimant recruitment is essentially over with the litigation moving towards settlement and significant hurdles in proving general causation for specific cancers. The focus now shifts to settlement negotiations and the resolution of existing cases.

CPAP Recall Lawsuit

Philips’ recall of millions of CPAP and BiPAP devices in 2021 due to toxic foam particles led to significant litigation. These lawsuits settled in May 2024, bringing some resolution to affected users. As the litigation concludes, the opportunity for new claims has essentially ended.

Understanding the complexities and opportunities in mass torts is crucial for those looking to invest in them. Check out our detailed Mass Tort Investment Guide for more insights and strategies.

At Blue Sky Legal, we remain committed to tracking these and other mass torts closely and providing our clients with the most current and comprehensive information to navigate these complex litigations. Stay tuned for more updates as we monitor these cases throughout the year.

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