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We Deliver Authentic Connections with Legal Claimants.

Our illustrious marketing team, having contributed to the triumphs of iconic brands like Hilton, Eli Lilly, Wells Fargo, and P&G, pairs seamlessly with our intake team, honed by top attorneys. Blue Sky Legal orchestrates a seamless journey from lead capture to client engagement, offering a trustworthy and value-centric avenue towards achieving outstanding legal campaign outcomes.

Case Types

  • Mass Tort
  • Class Actions
  • Personal Injury
  • SSDI

A Few of Our Clients


Our Primary Service Offerings

Qualified Leads & Warm Transfers: We leverage the extensive digital terrain, launching advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Bing, while broadening your outreach via compliant email marketing and lead sourcing along with TV, Video, and Radio. Each lead is scrutinized against predefined criteria and verbally re-qualified to ensure alignment for conversion. Post-verbal verification, leads are smoothly transitioned to your law firm or preferred intake vendors, ensuring a frictionless transfer process.  

Intake Services: Our methodical follow-up strategy ensures a connection with potential clients, charging only $35 for genuine leads worked. We collaborate with your law firm or lead generation agency to streamline intake setup.  

Skip the Fee Split

Our unwavering commitment to honesty, accountability, and transparency paves the way for long-lasting relationships with our clients and assures a solid return on investment. We collaborate with law firms that seek ethical lead generation and responsive intake without the burden of future referral fees, empowering them to rise above the rest.

No Fee Splits

Working with Us

Our narrative is unpretentious— we aim to amplify your client acquisition and management endeavors with a refreshing dose of integrity and transparency in this industry. Aligning with Blue Sky Legal translates to investing in a straightforward, fraud-resistant, and value-centric pathway towards achieving remarkable client acquisition and management results.  

At Blue Sky Legal, we prioritize enduring, value-centric partnerships over transient transactions. We welcome firms that value deep market insights over cursory, uninformed pitches. Please don’t approach us with, “How much for an XYZ retainers?”— instead bring us your criteria, and we’ll deliver an informed analysis on the real cost to secure qualified leads cost ranges for claimants. We stand as advisors, not salespeople. If a blend of expert advice and a respectful, insightful approach to client acquisition resonates with you, we are poised to work alongside you. 

Some of our Ad Platforms for TV, digital, radio & outdoor

Outfront & Lamar Outdoor
Apple Podcasts

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