1+1=3 The Synergy of Marketing & Intake

Coordinating advertising and intake is crucial for success in legal advertising. Advertising is the process of promoting your law firm to potential clients, while intake is the process of gathering information from potential clients and determining if they are viable cases for your firm to take on. When these two processes are coordinated effectively, it can lead to a higher number of retainers signed and, ultimately, a more successful campaign.

One of the main reasons coordinating advertising and intake works better is that it immediately informs and ensures the advertising team that we are targeting the right audience. By understanding the demographics and behaviors of your target audience, we can create more effective advertising campaigns that will reach the right people. This will increase the chances that they will act and contact our intake for more information.

Another benefit of coordinating advertising and intake is that it can help to streamline the intake process. By understanding the types of cases and clients that your firm is looking for, we can better create intake questionnaires and processes that are tailored to those specific needs. This makes it easier for potential clients to provide the information we need and increases the chances that they will become viable cases for your firm.

Additionally, coordinating advertising and intake allows us to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns together. By monitoring the number of leads generated and the conversion rate of those leads into retainers, you can determine which advertising channels are the most effective and adjust your strategy accordingly.

To coordinate advertising and intake effectively, it is important to have a clear understanding of your target audience, your firm’s specific needs, and the types of cases you are looking to take on. By utilizing data and the latest technologies, we can create targeted advertising campaigns and streamlined intake processes that will lead to more signed retainers.

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