March 2024 Mass Torts to Watch

As we navigate the dynamic terrain of mass tort litigation in March 2024, it’s imperative to leverage both the evolving legal landscape and sophisticated client engagement techniques. This update offers a comprehensive view, focusing predominantly on the litigation aspects while incorporating targeted advice for law firms on advertising and client intake strategies, ensuring a holistic approach to navigating these complex waters.

Ozempic Litigation: Seizing Opportunities in a Shifting Legal Environment

  • Legal Insight: With Michigan’s landmark repeal of pharmaceutical immunity, Ozempic litigation has surged, offering unprecedented opportunities for accountability.
  • Case Acquisition Strategy: Currently, Ozempic cases acquisition is very cost-effective, making this an opportune time to build volume inexpensively. Success on Facebook and other digital platforms indicates a targeted campaign could yield significant engagement and case sign-ups.
  • Litigation Environment: The upcoming Initial Case Management Conference signals the litigation’s momentum, suggesting a strategic window for firms to enter the fray.

Uber/Lyft Rideshare Sexual Assault: Elevating Safety and Justice

  • Legal Insight: The rise in rideshare sexual assault claims underscores the need for rigorous safety protocols and corporate accountability.
  • Litigation Environment: The filing of the Master Long Form Complaint and the ongoing battle over the Motion to Dismiss are pivotal, shaping the litigation’s trajectory.

Roundup Litigation: Understanding the Ebb and Flow

  • Legal Insight: Despite a defense verdict and mistrial, Roundup remains a bellwether in mass torts, with significant pending cases hinting at future plaintiff victories.
  • Litigation Environment: The anticipation of plaintiff verdicts in upcoming trials in jurisdictions like Philadelphia and California concerning 54,000 pending cases continues to maintain Roundup’s prominence in the mass torts landscape.

Hernia Mesh Litigations: Charting the Path Through Complexity

  • Legal Insight: The Bard Hernia Mesh mediation marks a critical phase, as time becomes an increasingly precious commodity in these cases.
  • Litigation Environment: With trials and mediations making headway, the complexity and scale of hernia mesh litigations underscore the necessity for strategic litigation planning.

Hair Relaxer Litigation: Targeting a Specific Audience

  • Legal Insight: As litigation moves forward, firms with experience in Talc cases find a familiar battleground, with health concerns driving the legal narrative. It’s still pre-Daubert, so buyer beware.
  • Case Acquisition Strategy: Firms should model their Talc inquiry audience for targeted advertising and email campaigns, leveraging learned insights to engage potential clients in the hair relaxer space.

Social Media Harm Lawsuits: The New Frontier

  • Legal Insight: Claims against social media giants for harming young users present unique challenges in proving causation and quantifying damage.
  • Case Acquisition Strategy: Reach out to all past clients and inquiries (where permission exists) to inform them of these emerging cases, utilizing established trust to facilitate engagement.
  • Litigation Environment: The allegations that platforms were designed to exploit young users’ vulnerabilities highlight the importance of a nuanced understanding of digital platform liabilities.

CPAP Devices Litigation: A Timely Concern

  • Legal Insight: The focus on device-related health issues emphasizes the urgency due to approaching statute of limitations deadlines.
  • Litigation Environment: The litigation is bolstered by a strong liability picture, yet time-sensitive, focusing on states with favorable statute of limitations laws.

PFAS/AFFF Exposure: An Environmental Battle

  • Legal Insight: With personal injury cases taking center stage, the PFAS litigation represents a significant environmental and health crusade.
  • Litigation Environment: The selection of bellwether cases for tier 1 injuries underscores the litigation’s expansive nature and its potential implications.

Suboxone Litigation: The Emerging Challenge

  • Legal Insight: Attention to dental side effects opens a new avenue in Suboxone litigation, demanding meticulous case selection and strategy.
  • Litigation Environment: The anticipated influx of 10,000 cases, spurred by a warning change in 2022, marks Suboxone as a critical area for legal attention.

Additional Thoughts

The March 2024 mass torts landscape is both vast and varied, filled with established battles and emerging fronts. For law firms, the current moment offers both challenges and opportunities — a chance to leverage legal acumen and strategic client engagement to navigate these turbulent waters. Whether capitalizing on the cost-effective acquisition of Ozempic cases or utilizing sophisticated targeting techniques for Hair Relaxer litigation, success requires a blend of litigation savvy and innovative client outreach. As we continue to chart the course through these complex legal seas, staying informed and agile will be key to navigating the future of mass tort litigation.

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