Enhancing Roundup Qualified Lead Delivery: A Blue Sky Legal Intake Success Story


This case study unwraps Blue Sky Legal’s meticulously planned campaign aimed at recruiting Roundup victims for a national mass tort firm. The challenge was significant, considering tens of thousands of clients had already been recruited for Roundup lawsuits, making advertising for this tort highly competitive. However, the focus here is on their stellar accomplishments in lead generation, particularly the efficient verification and live transfer processes that led to remarkable success in such a highly saturated market.

Setting the Stage

Against a backdrop of intense competition, with a prudent budget of $50,000, the objectives were distinctly outlined. Blue Sky Legal was responsible for generating ethically sourced leads while navigating the complexities of state and federal laws. Meanwhile, our Intake team was to diligently vet these leads, confirming their alignment with the lawsuit’s stringent criteria. Once the leads were fully qualified, our proficient agents initiated live transfers to the law firm’s in-house intake team, streamlining the handover.

Innovative Tactics

Blue Sky Legal brilliantly employed targeted advertising to capture potential leads, a particularly effective competitive strategy. Our intake agents rigorously rechecking the leads’ responses to criteria questions. This critical step ensured that only the most fitting prospects made it to the Roundup case list.

Subsequently, our agents smoothly handed over each thoroughly verified lead to the law firm’s in-house intake team, effectively increasing the probability of conversion of these high-quality leads into extremely valuable clients.

Impressive Outcomes

Despite the fierce competition and a modest budget, Blue Sky Legal yielded an impressive 32 verified and live transferred leads for Roundup victims diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

These leads were ready to receive contracts, and while our intake team typically oversees the entire client sign-up process, this task was left to the law firm’s intake team for this campaign. Given our diligent vetting and seamless live transfer process, the likelihood of contract signups is anticipated to be high.

Moreover, the campaign’s cost efficiency was striking. With the cost per sign projected to be under $2,500 in cost for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia clients, the campaign marked a notable victory in cost-effective lead generation in an intensely competitive market.

Project Recap

This illuminating case study demonstrates the power of strategic lead verification and live transfer processes in a competitive landscape, even within the confines of a modest budget. It underscores our intake team’s proficiency in ensuring lead quality and managing a flawless transition to the client’s intake team.

Lessons Learned

The substantial success of this project underscores the importance of swift and effective follow-up in the lead generation process, particularly in a saturated market. A seamless transition process confirms the lead quality and significantly boosts the chances of successful signups. This campaign affirms that strategic collaboration can yield exceptional results, even when competition is intense, and resources are limited. The insights and strategies employed in this successful campaign can provide a roadmap for future projects.

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