Let’s Just Say It, Your Firm’s Intake Probably Sucks

Even the best-targeted and most dynamic advertising campaign will underperform without a solid intake team working on a firm’s behalf. Intake is the most significant friction point for most firms looking to add a roster of new clients. Period.

We won’t beat you over the head (further) about it, but the legal industry generates more wasted advertising than virtually any other industry due to the failure to answer a phone call or act immediately to outbound contact a lead form. It’s a HUGE blind spot that attorneys often know about but fail to recognize fully. And it’s their advertising dollars that are potentially going to waste.

What’s the impact on your firm of signing the economic impact of signing 10% or even 50% more clients that make it to settlement on a winning tort, personal injury, or another type of claim? Think about it.

Contact us, and we’ll demonstrate head-to-head against another intake company or your in-house department that we outperform the industry for coordinated advertising and intake.

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