Legal Intake: Expertise Counts

A challenging aspect of acquiring and developing cases is successfully converting plaintiff’s interest into a signed retainer with your firm. Successful legal intake is much more than just an outbound call from an outsourced agent in some faraway place. Empathetic listening, the ability to quickly establish rapport with your prospective client, and a working knowledge of the tort are keys to high conversion rates and establishing a relationship of trust and confidence with your firm. Using these critical tools, Blue Sky Legal’s Intake team delivers industry-leading conversion rates, moving these newly retained clients seamlessly into the case development process. Once the retainer and HIPAA are signed, our proven case management protocols make client handoff simple and easy, dramatically reducing fall-off rates.

A key to profitability in finding cases that meet the criteria for successful settlement or litigation while not becoming bogged down with the rest. If you spend valuable resources on cases that do not meet the filing requirements, your profits will fall substantially. Our trained intake call center agents know how to ask the right questions to find clients that match the criteria for your case. Their training and competence will help improve your bottom line.

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