Different Approach


Blue Sky Legal believes in taking a comprehensive approach to building your marketing strategy. Multiplatform marketing promotes fluidity, which is crucial to staying competitive in the legal market. Our experts know where to engage the audience to capture and convert leads while keeping your cost per inquiries low.

Digital platforms include both social and paid media. We work with Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, and others. Our team evaluates your budget and goals to decide which of these mediums will generate and scale for results that convert.

Traditional platforms may not be considered innovative, however when a TV, radio, billboard or print campaign is combined with both social and/or search platforms your costs are more efficient, and your reach is more extensive.

Phones begin to ring; forms are filled out and leads convert.

Structured data is a critical component in media plans. By studying results daily, we make decisions on how or why a campaign is resonating with the audience. We communicate with our partners through custom dashboards and transparent reporting. 


Blue Sky Legal understands the importance of having a quality intake process.  Marketing alone is just the starting point. Without a great intake process, you are just wasting critical marketing dollars. We know how crucial it is to Respond, Qualify, Follow-Up and Sign up a client. Our staff takes an empathetic approach while understanding the legal language necessary to handle calls appropriately.

Don’t let your current Intake Partner take you for granted!

Blue Sky Legal believes that each of our clients deserves the focus and dedication from our team that their business deserves. Leave your intake to the experts and with a partner that won’t take your business for granted.