Camp Lejeune Claims: Key Strategies, Critical Deadlines, and Latest Updates

Key Takeaways from the Leverage Report Podcast

We recently listened to a thought-provoking episode of the Leverage Report podcast from Case Works, featuring Ed Bell from Bell Legal Group. He provided an in-depth look at the current status and complexities of the Camp Lejeune lawsuits and administrative claims. Here’s what we learned and how Blue Sky Legal can assist in navigating these critical cases.

Overview of Camp Lejeune Claims and Deadlines

Ed Bell emphasized the critical August 9th deadline for filing Camp Lejeune-related claims. While there are rare exceptions for filing after this date, relying on these loopholes is risky. Therefore, it’s essential for individuals diagnosed with illnesses linked to Camp Lejeune to file their claims promptly to ensure they are considered.

Settlement Insights

Bell shared that although $9.6 million in settlements have been paid out so far, this amount is relatively small compared to the anticipated total. Only 74 cases have been settled, reflecting a need for more substantial offers from the government. The initial settlement criteria, such as the duration of time spent on the base and an artificially low latency period for illnesses, have resulted in low offers, which many victims find unacceptable. Bell hopes for improved settlement processes with more reasonable offers that reflect the severity and impact of the illnesses caused by exposure at Camp Lejeune.

The Track System for Trials

One of the most innovative aspects discussed was the track system for trials. The court has categorized different illnesses into tracks, with each track containing five illnesses. This approach aims to provide guidance on the value of cases by obtaining trial verdicts for various categories of illnesses. Establishing baseline values for specific cancers and diseases will help both plaintiffs and defendants understand the potential value of similar cases, potentially serving as a model for future mass tort cases.

Plaintiff’s Database and Health Studies

Bell introduced the concept of a plaintiff-only database, mandated by the court to facilitate health studies. This database collects information on the diseases affecting claimants, enabling epidemiologists to conduct in-depth studies. By comparing this data with government databases, the goal is to identify patterns and establish stronger links between the diseases and exposure at Camp Lejeune.

Advice for Attorneys Handling Camp Lejeune Cases

Bell offered essential advice for attorneys managing Camp Lejeune claims. Ensuring that claims are properly filed with the Department of the Navy is crucial. According to the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, claims must include five critical pieces of information: the claimant’s name, date of birth, injury details, amount of damage, and other necessary specifics. Ensuring these details are accurately entered into the Navy’s database by August 9th is crucial for qualifying under the statute.

How Blue Sky Legal Can Support Camp Lejeune Claims

At Blue Sky Legal, we are committed to supporting attorneys and claimants throughout the Camp Lejeune claims process. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Working Old Leads: We specialize in re-engaging with old leads to ensure that no potential claimant is overlooked. Our targeted strategies can help convert dormant leads into active claims, maximizing the number of individuals you can sign from media investments you already made months ago.
  • Generating New Leads: Our advanced marketing techniques, including digital and traditional media campaigns, are designed to identify and attract new claimants. We use data-driven approaches to reach individuals who may have been affected by Camp Lejeune but are unaware of their eligibility to file a claim.
  • Handling Intake: We manage the entire intake process, ensuring that every lead is processed efficiently and accurately. Our team is trained to gather all necessary information required for filing claims, ensuring compliance with the Camp Lejeune Justice Act’s requirements.

Final Thoughts

The insights shared by Ed Bell underscore the urgency and complexity of Camp Lejeune claims. As the August 9th deadline approaches, it’s crucial for individuals and attorneys to act swiftly and ensure all claims are properly filed.

At Blue Sky Legal, we are dedicated to supporting this effort by working old leads, generating new ones, and managing the intake process to help as many affected individuals as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your firm.

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Devin Downey

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